Tm Robinson - London Graduate School of Business - LGSB Teacher

Tim Robinson

International Relations and EAP Lecturer

Tim Robinson is from London and works at LGSB as an International Relations and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Lecturer.

Tim graduated with an MSc. In Security, Conflict and International Development from the University of Leicester in the UK.

Tim was awarded the prize for dissertation of the year for his research on the relationship between terrorist recruitment and environmental degradation in Nigeria.
Tim has been a teacher for five years and spent the last three years of his career working at University’s in the Middle East, which included working with Syrian Refugees in Northern Iraq. He has also been involved in a youth development project in Tanzania, bringing students and young people together in cross cultural partnerships.

Mr.Tim is excited about working with students in Uzbekistan as he sees it as an exciting time in the development and future prosperity of the country. He looks forward to seeing these young people make their mark on the world.

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