London Graduate School of Business is a higher educational
institution that provides the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's
degree in Uzbekistan according to the modern educational programs
of UK top universities.

Carefully selected teaching staff from the UK includes Masters
of Science with extensive teaching experience at the best
universities in the UK.

Quality British
An individual approach
to each student

Our Partners

Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality
British Education

Bachelor's degree in 3
main areas

The London Graduate School of Business Institute in Tashkent offers a bachelor's degree in 3 main areas:

  • Tourism and Hotel Business

    A program aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry. The course is an excellent first step for beginners in the hospitality and tourism industry.

  • Business Management

    The program is designed to ensure that each student is self-confident, has deep knowledge in the field of business and management, as well as the skills to quickly adapt to changes in the business environment.

  • Information Technology

    The goal of the program is to provide students with an excellent knowledge base for their future high-paying career in IT.

We value every moment in the life of our school and our students

Foundation International Year

Foundation International Year in conjunction with the Northern Consortium of British Universities (NCUK). The program provides students with basic knowledge of the British educational system and prepares students for further admission to British universities to receive a bachelor's degree.

NCUK International Foundation Year - LGSB Tashkent
  • University Preparation
  • Full analog A-Level
  • Enrollment in the ranks of students of an English university (1 course)
  • Ratings - A *, A, B, C, D, E, U
  • Duration - 28 weeks, from 4 hours of training / week
  • Great prospects for training (USA, Britain, Australia)

All teachers from England, with extensive teaching experience

Study Programs as in British Universities

Transfer to England on any training course

Direct link to universities in Britain

Modern education


The teaching staff is carefully selected and consists exclusively of qualified professors and doctors of sciences from England.

London Graduate School of Business education programs are designed by British universities, by international standards.

Upon successful completion of studies, students receive a British-style bachelor's diploma, which is quoted worldwide.

Students have the opportunity to go on an internship and strengthen their knowledge in such strange countries as: the UK, Sweden, Malaysia and Russia.

Tuition at the London Graduate School of Business is much more affordable and more profitable than studying in the UK.