Diploma Level 3 in Tourism
and Hospitality

Management program aimed at providing a fundamental understanding of the tourism industry
and the hotel industry. Completing this qualification gives a student access
to the Level 4 course.

About the program

This course is an excellent first step for beginners in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Hospitality and tourism are huge sectors that offer many career opportunities, covering everything from international 5-star hotels to airlines, restaurants, cruise lines, bars and specialized resorts.

They offer an incredible range of career opportunities, and this basic program provides an excellent first introduction to the work of this vast sector.

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The training is highly structured and covers the basic principles necessary for understanding the essence of the work of industries. A level 3 diploma in tourism and hospitality provides students with an understanding of these two closely related industries, and also allows them to create their portfolio and improve skills that will lead to a higher level of education in this area.

Level 3 is a great starting point for those who want to get into the right industry. Level 3 qualification is focused on the educational needs of those students who are new to this field. At the end of the course, students not only get an idea of the industry, but also receive certificates for their efforts.

Globalization and the current pace of development of our society have made tourism and the hotel and restaurant business one of the most dynamically developing areas of international business today.

Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality - Workplaces always expanding
LGSB Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality - Work in best hotels
Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Hospitality - Fantastic growth prospect

Program structure

Fundamentals of human resources (HR) and business computing in the field of tourism and hotel industry:

Students will understand the organization of personnel in the field of tourism and the hotel industry, the principles of leadership, motivation and equal opportunities, as well as the use of IT in tourism and the hotel industry.

The basics of marketing and customer relations in the tourism and hotel industry:

This part of the study is designed to introduce students to marketing, sales, and customer relationships. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of customer care. They will develop skills that enable them to efficiently serve customers and identify areas.

Tourism and hotel industry:

Students will understand the types and characteristics of different hotel and restaurant service providers. And also, they will understand the roles and functions of various delivery channels operating in the industry, and will be able to get an idea of how the industry has developed and is likely to develop in the future.

Basics of tourism and hotel business:

The final part of the study will introduce students to a number of functions in the tourism and hotel industry. With a front office, maintaining a registration book, purchasing food and drinks, analyzing destinations by conducting excursions.

Диплом level 3 в сфере туризма и гостиничного менеджмента - Работа в топовых отелях


Education in this area provides employment opportunities not only in a hotel or travel agency, as most people think, but also in the following areas:

  • Organization of conferences, government and private banquets;
  • Work in hotels (reception, restaurants, housekeeping, catering);
  • Management (public relations, sales);
  • Airlines, casinos, cruise ships, spas and wellness.

It is worth noting that no matter what you dream of becoming, the hotel and restaurant sector will help to realize your dream, because there you need financiers, marketers, designers, entrepreneurs, real estate agents and specialists from various fields.

Candidate Requirements

  • Students must have complete secondary education and a minimum age of 16 years with a minimum level of English proficiency of IELTS 5.0 or an approved equivalent;

Students who do not meet the requirements of the English language can combine this program with the Level 1 qualification “English for Tourism and Hospitality” to increase the level of English proficiency to the required level.

Диплом в сфере туризма и гостиничного менеджмента
Диплом Level 3 в сфере туризма и гостиничного менеджмента

Who is this profession suitable for?

Experts talk about the basic qualities of character and characteristics that a person must have in order to enjoy work and, most importantly, become successful in the hotel and restaurant sector.

“Speaking of personality, it is very important that a person enjoys communicating with people. It is not necessary to have skills, the art of communication, students learn in the learning process, the main thing is that a person likes the fact of communicating with a large number of people, because the hotel and restaurant business is a continuous communication.
An important quality is enterprise and an active life position, willingness to understand in fact, take responsibility and initiative into your own hands, especially if a person wants to become a manager.

If we talk not about personal qualities, but about abilities, then of course the ability to languages is very important, especially from the point of view of career growth. So that a person can learn at least 2 more foreign languages, since only English from the point of view of current trends is not enough.

Attentiveness to details, willingness to be open and customer-oriented, listen to everything that the client says and smile. If we are talking about management, the ability to organize a team and leadership skills are important.

At the end of the portrait of a successful student and graduate of the hotel and restaurant area, we can say the direction is suitable for people who have help and creating comfortable conditions for others among their values. If this is close to you and gives pleasure, then you will like the direction, because you will receive a large number of people who are grateful to you. ”


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